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Personal Client Services Policies

Personal Client Services strives to serve it's customers in the best possible manner.  The following policies have been established to better serve our clients, and be fair to all.

Maintenance Services Payments:  Billing for maintenance services is done the first of each month, and cover any work done in the prior month.  Payment is due upon receipt, and is expected within 10 days from the billing date.  A reminder will be sent after 10 days, However, if payment is not received in full, or specific payment arrangements have not been made within 10 days, no further work will be done on client's site, until payment is made. 

After 30 days past due, a reminder will be sent.  Client will then have 10 days to pay the balance due, if balance has not been paid within 10 days, a notice will be sent, and the client's site may be inactivated by PCS, until payment is received.

Hosting Payments:  All clients who host with PCS and are billed for hosting on a monthly basis will be required to have a Credit Card on File for the billing of monthly hosting charges.  As all of our servers require payment on the first of each month, your credit card will be charged for your hosting on the 25th of each month. 

In the event your credit card is declined, a reminder will be sent, and card charge will be attempted again the following business day. 

To submit a card for monthly hosting payments, please fill out our Client Payment Form and specify that you are submitting a credit card for hosting payments.  There is no need to put any $ amount into the form.

If by chance you do not have a credit card that can be put on file for monthly hosting charges, you will be billed quarterly for hosting, with payment expected via paypal or check and due at time of billing.  Please contact PCS to make arrangements if you wish to be billed quarterly.

New Site Payments:  A Deposit payment is due PRIOR to beginning your website. Remainder monies owed are due upon the site (or update) going live.  Fees are payable when bill is received.

Our Refund Policy:  Once Services are complete, payment in full is expect upon receipt of invoice.  PCS retains all copyright privileges until payment in full is received.  By submitting your payment, you are agreeing that PCS may charge your credit card for the full amount of payment submitted, and you understand that once you have submitted your payment NO REFUNDS will be made

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please call us
Toll Free 888-857-3959

For more information, call us Toll Free 888-857-3959 OR 785-540-4170 


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